When we first opened the doors to PLEK in March 2015, it wasn't the first conceptstore, but it did have it's own concept. After we first crossed paths with our location, deciding what type of store we wanted to open wasn't very hard. It was an idea we already had for a long time. The real challenge was how to turn the huge surface, into "our store".

So that's where our journey began. Our tour of inspiration. It started in Copenhagen, and was followed by Berlin, Paris, Milano, and our favorite place: Lago di Como. And after many brainstorm sessions, good food, beautiful wines and the occasional arguments, it lead us to this: PLEK.

The key to making your "own" concept, is to roll up your sleeves and create it, yourself. By combining vintage- and new-, retro- and modern-, industrial- and domestic styles, we created an eclectic mix that gives you a comfortable and warm feeling. And being a family-business, that's exactly what we wanted to create.

We want you to feel free to roam our store, and experience our concept. Let every visit be a new little journey, like the journey we make, over and over again.